Somnath Ghosh

Fullstack Developer, Project Manager

Whatsapp: 91 7003687879
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /ghoshsomnath5
Linkedin: /in/ghoshsomnath5

Backend & Cloud Server Technologies

PHP 7.x.x & 8.x.x
Codeigniter 3.x.x & 4.x.x
AWS (Lightsail and EC2)
Google Cloud (LAMP)
Digital Ocean (LAMP)
Video Server

Frontend Technologies

Bootstrap 3,4,5
Onsen UI
Electron JS

What do I do using those technologies ?

Ecommerce Website & Mobile App - Single & Multi-Vendor
Video Streaming Website & Mobile App (OTT)
Factory Production & Inventory Management System
Tourism - Hotel Booking System
Accounting - POS and Billing System
Education - School Management System

What is in my pipeline ?

AI Site Audit - To audit a website and suggest SEO improvements.
AI Content Writer - With the integration of ChatGPT.
AI Content Analysis - To avoid plagiarism, manage keyword density, etc.
Visual Editor - Drag & Drop Editor to edit Websites and Mobile Apps visually.

What I am doing now ?

Right now I am building some incredible products. One is a complete school management system, that will make daily works easy for school institutions. Totally built in Flutter and the backend is in PHP, Firebase and various other cloud technologies.

Also building a Hyperlocal System (Consider it as Zomato, Blinkit). All the mobile apps are built with Flutter and the backend is in PHP. There are Google Map, Live Tracking and many exciting features in this system.

My Work Experience

Learned, Evolved, and Adapted New Technologies over time

2009 - Crystalplanet Solutions

My first employer allowed me to explore website technologies. I developed various small projects at that time single-handedly. I also maintained a group of 3 junior developers at that time.

2011 - Rifle Factory Ishapore

I got employed at Rifle Factory Ishapore in the year 2011. It was a Central Govt. Organization at that time. But my love for technology never died. I started freelancing in website development. Gradually it helped me to gain more knowledge and expertise.

2016 - EasyBazars

I got an opportunity to develop the EasyBazars project, which was a very early startup in online grocery. At that time, I learned Mobile App development in Cordova. The business did not succeed, but the knowledge of app development helped me a lot in developing various projects later.

2020 - My CinemaHall Pvt Ltd

My CinemaHall is my life-changing project, which actually upgraded me from being just a developer to the technical head and also gave me a deep understanding of studying various business models. My CinemaHall project started as a freelancing project, but after 6 months, it got a seed-level investment and I was appointed as their CTO. So, I resigned from Rifle Factory in the year 2020 and joined them as a full-timer.

The project is still alive, but unfortunately, in the year 2022, the investors refused to invest more after investing for 2 years and still it did not come to a profitable zone. So, I also had to resign and search for a new opportunity.

Android App:

2022 - Fusionstays Hospitality Pvt Ltd - Tourism Website

I started to re-develop the Fusionstays Project which is a startup in the tourism sector. I replaced their WordPress with my custom-made website which helped them to get and handle more traffic.


2022 - WEVOW - E-commerce Website & Mobile App

WEVOW is a leader in ladies' dress manufacturing and retailing. I got the opportunity to develop their Website and Android App.

Android App:

2023 - WEVOW - Factory & Inventory Management System

WEVOW also hired me to develop their Factory & Inventory Management System with a plan to completely automate all their manual tasks, from purchasing raw materials, maintaining stocks, issuing materials to workers, and getting the final product, all the steps are being covered. Also balance-sheet, material transactions, etc are done.

2023 - LanceCMS - The Oxygen of all projects

I have put all of my knowledge and experience in it to develop my development framework. This is based on Codeigniter, but I have taken numerous features and functionalities from various other frameworks and libraries. The idea is to reduce the development timeline and deliver projects faster.

This CMS can handle Ecommerce, Accounting, Factory Management, School Management, Inventory & Stock Management, CRM, and many other types of projects. The complete CMS has been built by following HMVC architecture, and by extending the Codeigniter's MVC architecture. Not only just HMVC, from programming to database, each and everything has been developed as a separate module that is very much helpful and maintainable.


My Passions and Hobbies

What do I love to do most ?

Learning New Technologies

I always love to learn new technologies and techniques. Right now I am learning Laravel (PHP), ExpressJS (NodeJS), and Flutter.

Continuously Upgrade my Works

I always strive to deliver the best to all of my projects. It pushes me to develop and optimize my codes for better security, performance, UI, and UX.

Playing Chess & Reading

It is my favorite time pass when I am not doing anything. I also love to read and explore new technologies, books, and anything interesting that stimulates my mind.

Outdoor Activity

I love to play Cricket and Swimming. Also, love to go for long rides on my bike.

My Educational Background

Quick Learner & Passionate about Technology

First Introduction to Programming

I was first introduced to programming in the year 2000 when I was in Class VI. I started with BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). Then gradually I got the scope to learn C and C++. I thank my teachers who gave me this opportunity by teaching me those, which was not in the syllabus. But after seeing my madness towards the computer, they taught me all those when I was in Class VI - X.

2004 - Madhyamik

In Madhyamik, I scored 90% from Naihati Narendra Vidyaniketan (WBBSE) and stood first in a small zone (Halisahar to Shyamnagar) consisting of multiple renowned schools.

2006 - Higher Secondary

In Higher Secondary, I scored 84% from Naihati Narendra Vidyaniketan (WBBSE) and stood second in school.

2015 - AMIE - Electrical Engineering

I got a scope to enter the Apprenticeship Training (2006-2009) at Rifle Factory Ishapore for which I was stuck and my education also got hampered. So, I completed my graduation in the field of Electrical Engineering by completing AMIE (Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers (INDIA)) by securing a 7.2 GPA.

Thank You!

Thank you for your time. I am open for new projects and new positions. If you have any project idea, you can contact me via Email ([email protected]) or Whatsapp (91 7003687879) to start the conversation.

Somnath Ghosh (SomLance)

Full Stack Developer, Project Manager

[email protected]

91 7003687879